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  • 12 x $75.00

    12 x $75.00Curious About Cannabis Master Class (2023)

    Spend over 6 months with Cannabis researcher and Curious About Cannabis author, Jason Wilson MS, as well as a host of special guests, as you dive deep into a crash course in the science of Cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system!
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  • $20.00

    $20.00Cannabinoid Pharmacology Basics

    Taught by cannabinoid pharmacologist Dr. Linda Klumpers, this course dives into the basics of how cannabinoids affect the body.
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  • $30.00

    $30.00Home Cannabinoid Testing with Thin Layer Chromatography

    Learn how to test Cannabis flower and extracts for basic cannabinoid potency at home with natural products researcher Dr. Anthony Smith.
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