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Tuition: $99 | Length: 4 Weeks | Difficulty: Beginner


Wondering if the Beginner's Workshop is right for you? 

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A Beginner's Guide for Curious Minds 

Taught by experienced scientists and industry professionals, this four week workshop takes cohorts through foundational topics designed to address several primary questions:

What is Cannabis?

How are Cannabis products made?

How is Cannabis consumed?

How does Cannabis affect the body?

How is Cannabis used as medicine?

The workshop consists of four two-hour classroom sessions, customized to meet the needs of each unique group of learners.

Sessions begin each day at 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST. Classes are approximately 1.5 - 2 hours long. 


Tuesday, April 5th

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Meet Your Instructors

Founder and Lead Instructor

Jason Wilson MS

Jason Wilson is a biologist, educator, and science communicator with a passion for sharing his general curiosity about the world with others. He is the author of Curious About Cannabis: A Scientific Introduction to a Controversial Plant and the educational children's book, A Toadstool's Treasures. He is also the host and producer of The Curious About Cannabis Podcast and the Isn't Life Curious? podcast. Besides teaching, Jason also provides scientific advisory services for companies and institutions, often assisting with the development of research and development laboratories intent on working with natural products, like Cannabis sativa.

Certified Instructor

Anthony Smith PhD

Anthony Smith received his PhD in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Oregon State University at the Linus Pauling Institute where he specialized in biochemistry, metabolism and nutrition. Currently Dr. Smith teaches about phytochemistry, pharmacology, and analytical chemistry at John Patrick University. Prior to focusing on teaching, Dr. Smith worked in natural products and biomedical research while serving as a leading international authority on aging, lipoic acid and vascular disease. He also founded Kenevir Research, a Cannabis biotechnology and analytical testing company that was later acquired, and has spent much of the past decade operating laboratories and developing analytical methods designed to investigate the potency and purity of Cannabis and cannabinoid infused products . All in all Dr. Smith brings over 15 years of natural product research, quality assurance, product development, GMP manufacturing, FDA & regulatory experience and analytical chemistry expertise to our team.

Perfect for Patients, Caregivers, and Novice Consumers

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