Do you have what it takes to claim the title of "Cannabis Science Master"?

Are you ready for the most challenging test of your Cannabis science knowledge that you will ever endure? Ready to show the world that you are a master of Cannabis and cannabinoid science?

Exam Details:

  • Exam is a live, timed exam
  • Exam can only be attempted once every 3 months
  • Exam must be completed without notes or other assistive resources; the exam taker's device screen will be monitored to detect cheating
  • Exam is proctored and monitored by a live person throughout entirety of the exam
  • Part One:
    • Multiple Choice
    • 100 Questions
    • 1.5 hours

  • Part Two:
    • Essay/Short Answer
    • 15 Questions
    • 1 hour


  • Successful completion and certification of Curious About Cannabis Intermediate and Advanced Workshops, OR
  • Successful completion and certification of all core Curious About Cannabis self-paced modules

Recipients of the "Cannabis Science Master" Certification qualify to apply to the Curious About Cannabis Teacher Training Program!