Unlock Digital Collectables and Rewards on Your Path to Becoming a Cannabis Science Master!

The Curious About Cannabis NFT Game encourages curious minds to learn more about Cannabis and cannabinoid science by rewarding learning with digital collectables and valuable rewards.

Complete educational challenges to unlock Curious About Cannabis non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each of these tokens is limited in availability and often features hidden rewards and perks including access to exclusive events and more.

Buy, sell and trade Curious About Cannabis NFTs on the OpenSea NFT marketplace and pass on rewards to other curious minds!

Unlock the Card Game

Collect 60 NFTs to unlock our card game - a fun educational tool that teaches players about the Cannabis product lifecycle and the science involved from seed to endocannabinoid system!


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    • Welcome

    • Disclaimer

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    Getting Started

    • Setup a Wallet to Receive Tokens

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    • Download the App (Android Only)

    • Complete the Curious About Cannabis Quiz

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    Suggest a New Challenge

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    Workshop Challenges

    • Complete the Curious About Cannabis Beginner Workshop

    • Complete the Curious About Cannabis Intermediate Workshop

    • Complete the Curious About Cannabis Advanced Workshop

    • Complete the Curious About Cannabis Budtender Training

    • Complete the Curious About Cannabis Home Cannabinoid Testing Workshop

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    Beginner Course Challenges

    • What is Cannabis?

    • Cannabis Terminology for Beginners

    • Cannabis Consumption Methods

    • Cannabis Safety and Harm Reduction

    • History of Cannabis as Medicine

    • Cannabis Botany and Horticulture Basics

    • Cannabis Pests and Pathogens Basics

    • Cannabis Contaminants

  • 6

    Intermediate Course Challenges

    • Cannabis Taxonomy

    • Cannabis Chemistry

    • THC: An Introduction

    • CBD: An Introduction

    • Cannabis Terpenoids

    • Misc. Cannabis Constituents

    • Hemp

    • Extraction Science and Technology

    • Cannabis Testing

    • The Endocannabinoid System

    • Cannabinoid Pharmacology Basics

  • 7

    Advanced Course Challenges

    • Cannabis Chemistry History

    • CBG: An Introduction

    • The Endocannabinoidome

    • Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals

    • Environmental Impacts of the Cannabis Industry

    • The Future of Cannabis Research

  • 8

    Cultivation Challenges

    • Germinate Cannabis seeds

    • Detect a Male Cannabis Plant

    • Detect a Female Cannabis Plant

    • Identify a Cannabis Pest

    • Identify 2 Trichome Types

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    Collection Challenges

    • Collect 10 Curious About Cannabis NFTs

    • Collect 30 Curious About Cannabis NFTs

    • Collect 60 Curious About Cannabis NFTs

    • Collect 5 Cannabinoids

    • Collect 5 Terpenoids

    • Collect 3 Endocannabinoids

    • Collect 3 Non-Cannabinoid Receptors of the Endocannabinoidome

    • Collect 2 Endocannabinoid Congeners

    • Collect 4 Consumption Methods

    • Collect 3 Mentors

    • Collect 5 Cannabis Extract Types

    • Collect 5 Cannabis Testing Methods

    • Collect 3 Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals

    • Collect 4 Flavonoids

    • Collect 3 Cultivation Methods

    • Collect 5 Resource Cards

Get a Free Shot at the Master Competency Exam!

Collect 100 Curious About Cannabis NFTs to get a free shot at our Master Competency Exam to claim the title of Cannabis Science Master!

Disclaimer: Challenges that involve the handling of Cannabis products or Cannabis plants should only be performed in a manner consistent with your local rules and laws. We do not condone or promote illegal activity. Please note that "hemp" is a low THC form of Cannabis sativa that is legal in most countries and qualifies for most challenges.