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Live sessions meet from 9am to 12pm PST each Thursday. Live sessions are recorded to accommodate students that have trouble attending.

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An Amazing Learning Experience


The Natural Learning Academy’s Curious About Cannabis Workshop Part 1 was an amazing learning experience. I would highly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about furthering their cannabis education. Jason is an educated teacher who is engaging, easy to follow and makes himself available to ensure the success of his students. He is joined by guest presenters who are at the top of the industry in their fields, who add to the depth of information. Not only does the course teach you about the science behind the cannabis plant, but also sets you up with the tools to research and continue learning after the workshop is completed. After taking several classes in the cannabis industry, I can say without a doubt that this course has been the best. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Jason! I’m looking forward to continuing on to part 2 of the workshop.

Learned So Much

by A.M.

"I loved everything about this course! I have learned so much and now when I look at a plant, It's more than just a's science! Its so nice to finally be able to have the tools needed to find the answers to my questions. On the internet there are so many forums and websites and you don't know which are accurate. The websites and material you have shown me are actual proof to questions I have had. You've answered every question I've had and your course has allowed me to understand the plant more. Can't wait to discover more! Thank you again, you guys are awesome!!"

Blown Away

by S.M.

“...I have read a lot of books on Cannabis botany and science and the text and materials in this class blows them away!”

Can't Wait for Level II

by S.D.

“I can’t wait to take the level II course when it is offered.”

About the Workshop

Our Curious About Cannabis workshop series is where the Curious About Cannabis brand was born! 

Now we have re-engineered our popular in-person workshop for a virtual environment to make this unique learning experience available to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn!


Limited cohort sizes means better discussions, better peer support, and better learning outcomes

We keep our cohort sizes relatively small (10 – 20 learners) because we find that this is the best way to ensure that each student gets the support they need so that they can make the most out of their time in the workshop. Smaller cohort sizes tends to lead to better class discussions, more engagement from each student, and more peer support, which overall results in a dramatic difference in experience for our students.


Our workshops are uniquely customized to your interests

We have designed this workshop series to ensure that each cohort experience is unique. While we do utilize a consistent curriculum with each workshop, we also stack on a layer of activities and projects that allow our cohort members to engage their own unique interests. As each person in the workshop learns, they share with everyone else, and we all learn together – creating an incredible feedback loop that maximizes learning outcomes.


Our workshops are challenging and rewarding (literally – we give you rewards)

Curious About Cannabis workshops are intensive workshops (no joke!), intended to make attendees work hard to learn and demonstrate their newfound understanding to others. Each student will have the chance to work alongside scientists and industry experts to explore core concepts of Cannabis science. The course is graded and a passing score of 80% or better is required to receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Natural Learning Enterprises.

Our workshop elements include:

Live Classroom Sessions (Virtual and Recorded)

Guest Lectures from Leading Cannabis and Cannabinoid Science and Technology Experts

Interactive Hands-On Elements

On-Demand Educational Videos

Homework Assignments

Research Projects

Quizzes and Examinations


With access to this workshop you will also receive:

A complimentary copy of the Curious About Cannabis book

A claim to an exclusive Curious About Cannabis NFT featuring unlockable content and perks

The Werc Shop’s Cannaroma Terpene Kit

Goldleaf’s Patient Journal

Access to our private resource library

Access to a private online community for workshop attendees and alumni

Exclusive discount codes for all of our self-paced courses


It Doesn’t End Here…

After completing the Intermediate module of our workshop series, our graduates will then gain access to the Advanced module at a discounted rate which dives into more advanced and sensitive topics leading up to the very fringes of modern Cannabis and cannabinoid science.


CAC NFT Challenge: Completion of the entire Curious About Cannabis Workshop Series results in a claim for an ultra-rare Curious About Cannabis NFT.

Instructor Information

Lead Instructor:
- Jason Wilson, MS on all things Cannabis science!
Featuring Guest Speakers:
- Kyle Boyar on Cannabis Testing and Quality Control
- Anna Schwabe, PhD on Cannabis Genetics and Plant Science
- Anthony Smith, PhD on Cannabis Contaminants and Chemistry
- Codi Peterson, PharmD on the Endocannabinoid System
- Linda Klumpers, PhD on Cannabinoid Pharmacology
- Alisia Ratliff on Extraction and Lab Science
- Jonathan Mintle on Solventless Extraction Science

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Lead sponsors help fund student scholarships and material supply costs to make our workshops accessible to more people around the world.

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Lead Instructor

Founder and Lead Instructor

Jason Wilson MS

Jason Wilson is a biologist, educator, and science communicator with a passion for sharing his general curiosity about the world with others. He is the author of Curious About Cannabis: A Scientific Introduction to a Controversial Plant and the educational children's book, A Toadstool's Treasures. He is also the host and producer of The Curious About Cannabis Podcast and the Isn't Life Curious? podcast. Besides teaching, Jason also provides scientific advisory services for companies and institutions, often assisting with the development of research and development laboratories intent on working with natural products, like Cannabis sativa.

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Guest Instructors

Our workshops connect our students with leading scientists, industry professionals and subject matter experts

Guest instructors and contributors for May 2021 cohort:

  • Anna Schwabe, PhD (Geneticist)
  • Kyle Boyar (Analytical Technologist)
  • Jonathan Mintle (Solventless Extraction Expert)
  • Alisia Ratliff (Chemist)
  • Anthony Smith, PhD (Molecular Biologist)
  • Linda Klumpers, PhD (Clinical Pharmacologist)
  • Codi Peterson, PharmD (Pharmacist)

Guest instructors and contributors for May 2021 cohort:

  • Jeffrey Raber, PhD (Biochemist)
  • Alisia Ratliff (Chemist)
  • Anthony Smith, PhD (Molecular Biologist and Analytical Chemist)
  • Murphy Murri (Extraction Technologist)
  • Linda Klumpers, PhD (Pharmacologist)

Guest instructors for March 2021 session:

  • Anna Schwabe, PhD (Geneticist)
  • Murphy Murri (Extraction Tech)
  • Kyle Boyar (Contaminants and Testing)
  • Arno Hazekamp, PhD (Biochemistry)
  • Linda Klumpers, PhD (Pharmacology)

Student Reviews

5 star rating

Great class. Highly recommended!


I have, and will continue to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge about cannabis. Jason is an amazing teacher who ...

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I have, and will continue to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge about cannabis. Jason is an amazing teacher who make complex topics digestible and has excellent guest presenters to add onto the already great content.

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