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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What comes with the free membership?

    Our free membership tier includes access to a revolving series of basic courses (excluding access to competency exams or certificates). Free members also get access to the Curious About Cannabis discord server where you can find news and research updates, connect with other members, share information and more!

  • How is the upgraded membership different than the free membership?

    With an upgraded membership, you will get access to all of our basic courses with unlimited certificates, the Curious About Cannabis virtual mentor, the Curious About Cannabis Resource Library, hundreds of hours of additional video and course content, exclusive merch and event discounts, and more!

  • Can I cancel my upgraded membership anytime?

    Yes! Cancelling a membership is simple and hassle-free. Simply visit your account settings on your Student Dashboard page to cancel a membership.

  • What is a competency certificate?

    Competency certificates are awarded to students that successfully complete an exit exam, demonstrating that they have an adequate understanding of a particular topic. Competency exams can be purchased as an add-on for any self-paced course if you decide you want or need a certificate for any reason. Our Upgraded Membership provides unlimited access to competency exams and certificates if you plan to use the platform for training or other purposes where you may want proof of successful course completion.

  • What is the Curious About Cannabis Resource Library?

    Our Resource Library is a convenient way to find just about all of the Curious About Cannabis content that has ever been produced in one easy-to-access location. You can find lecture videos, podcast episodes, open source research articles and more at the Curious About Cannabis Resource Library!

  • How can a Curious About Cannabis membership help supplement my company's training programs?

    Curious About Cannabis can be leveraged as a powerful and affordable training resource for organizations and teams. By utilizing an Upgraded Membership, you can get unlimited access to course certificates which can be used to demonstrate proof of course completion and successful training. We are building Curious About Cannabis to be a resource, and we encourage everyone to find creative ways to leverage our platform to help you in any of your educational needs. If you have a medium or large team or organization and are looking for training or education programs, contact us directly to discuss custom packages that can suite your unique situation.

  • What is an NFT and how are they used in the Curious About Cannabis platform?

    NFTs are digital tokens that we utilize to distribute rewards and incentives to our learners. Some of these tokens take the form of digital collectibles and can be very rare with high value redeemable rewards embedded within them. For instance, some NFTs may contain discount codes worth $500+ toward a Master Class or Teacher Training workshop. All you need to start receiving Curious About Cannabis NFTs is to set up a MetaMask wallet (

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